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Wine Cooling Stick - Sip to Perfection

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A new alternative way to chill wine, this cooling rod allows you to enjoy a glass of your wine at the perfect temperature without diluting the wine like melting ice does.

By mixing in extra oxygen, the dual air intake aerator enhances the wine's flavor, while the dripless pour nozzle prevents any drips and overflows, hence ensuring a better taste and a smoother pour.
In just 5-10 minutes it cools the wine and maintains the drinking temperature for up to an hour. It can easily be stored in the refrigerator.


Material: Stainless steel rod+ acrylic pouring nozzle, (made of high quality stainless steel and acryl).
Dimensions: total length 12.6in (32cm),
                     the length of the stainless steel part is 7.5in (19cm)
                     the length of the pour nozzle is 5.1in (13cm)
                     the diameter of the stainless steel rod is 0.6in (1.6cm),
                     the diameter of the wine pourer is 1.7in (4.2cm)

Maintenance: Hand wash and dry after use (do not put in dishwasher ) 

 Packing : 1) cooling rod *1, pouring nozzle *1; or

                 2) cooling rod *1, pouring nozzle *1, wine stopper *1


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Tim Smith

I ordered two of each, one silver and one gold, along with the wine stoppers that are great if you have wine left in the bottle. They arrived just in time for the dinner my wife and I hosted for our friends, so they were in the center of the party,✌ so I got compliments on my gadgets and enjoyed every bit of it. An excellent addition to a well-chilled wine. I truly recommend them!✌

Linda Anderson

A wonderful product.👏 I prefer it over the ice buckets because the melting of the ice makes a watery mess on the table and the ice melts faster. Moreover, this is a great way to chill wine quickly, in just 5 minutes you have perfectly chilled wine. You will not go wrong if you buy this cooling stick. I recommend it!

David Mitchell

I am a passionate lover of wine and the right temperature at which it is served. But I have to say that I am happy with this 3 in 1 wine set because it makes my wine enjoyable and keeps it at the right temperature while I am serving it. The aerator is relatively easy to use and makes enough of a difference in the taste of the wine that I don't need one of the more complicated aerators I also own to capture the true flavor of the wine. I truly recommend it!!!!

Dorothy Carter

When a bottle of white wine gets warm, I notice that no one wants any or we will ask for ice, but when the ice melts, it is usually wasted since it has been watered down. This is a great solution to that problem because it keeps the remaining wine chilled but not diluted, so you'll always have a perfectly chilled glass next time. Great product!!!

Christopher Nelson

My dad has been using this kind of cooling stick for 3 years now and is really pleased with it and the temperature it maintains. But since I no longer live with them, I ordered one for myself. Great product and I recommend everyone to have at least one of these. I keep it in the freezer so it's always ready when I need it. An added bonus is the pour nozzle which allows you to pour the wine without dripping around.

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