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Stainless Steel Garden Tools Set

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This garden tool set is a collection of 4 stainless steel hand tools that can be used for different tasks around the garden such as digging, weeding, aerating, loosening the soil, and planting. In addition to providing minimal soil adhesion, the polished stainless steel heads slide effortlessly through the soil, while the handles feature longer clips that provide better support and comfort while working in your garden. Transplanting plants is more convenient with the transplanting trowel's precise scale, which allows you to know the right depth for them.    


Material: Stainless steel + ash wooden handles
Dimensions: hand trowel 13in (33cm)
                     hand shovel 12.6in (32cm)
                     hand rake 10.4in (26.5cm)
                     hand weeder 13.2in (33.5cm)

Stainless steel heads are rust-resistant which allows easy maintenance. 

Packing: 1* garden tools set ( 4 tools pieces)




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Veda Robertson

Great set, I have been using the tools for three weeks now and they are great. They don't bend or come off their handles like previous garden tools I have used in the past.

Russell Davies

Very durable garden set, I'm really pleased. They are convenient for working in the garden and also easy to maintain. I have recommended them to my friends.

Jackie Huang

An excellent set, but above all very resistant. In particular, I was surprised by the effectiveness of the trowel and its scale for the depth, I have never used one before with a scale. Also, the weeder is great. Truly recommend.

Ethan Greyson

I'm really surprised by the quality of the tools, they're great, they don't bend from work. They're just great. I recommend them.

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