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Multipurpose small Spatula Set

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This multi-purpose small spatula set is designed to reach deep into places other kitchen utensils can't reach. Reach into the bottom corners of your favorite jars of jam, peanut butter, or use these spatulas to take out every last bit of your favorite face powder or face cream. 

Be creative and use these spatulas to make your skin color powder from several shades of liquid powder or mix whatever you like and make full use of this handy little tool.


Type: Kitchen tools, cosmetic tools
Material: Food-grade silicone, sturdy with a flexible tip
Dimensions: the longest 12in*06in (30.5cm*1.6cm)
                     the midlle: 9in*0.4in (22.9cm*1cm)
                     the smalest: 6in*0.3in (15.2cm*0.8cm)
Use: Scoop the jam from the jar or use this spatula for skin care bottles. You can also collect the food from the hard-to-reach corners of the containers in which it is stored.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Cynthia Swift

I ❤️THEM!!! I bought these for all my makeup containers, ensuring I got all the product before throwing it away. The long handles can even reach the bottom of shampoo bottles and this is great, you will be surprised how much is left in there, they will save you so much money!

Emily Moore

I bought them on the recommendation of my neighbor who is very satisfied with them, but now I am also happy with them. They are great kitchen tools not just because of their sturdiness but also because of the long handles and ability to take out everything from the jar, and even my younger kids know how to use them.

Deborah Wilson

I LOVE THEM!!! Excellent value for money. The quality of these scrapers far exceeds their usability; they scrape and remove decently enough and create no waste, but the tool is a very well-made piece of equipment so you get the feeling it will last a long time.

Philip Cox

As a person who loves to work in the kitchen and create the most varied flavors, these spatulas are of great help to me, especially when mixing sauces that I store in tall but thin containers, as well as for collecting the last amount of my favorite sauce from any container, grill sauces, hot sauces, or even cream salads...This is a must-have tool in everyone's kitchen.

Sarah Fisher

Great product!! 👍It really has multiple uses both in the kitchen and for my cosmetics. I like it because there are 4 pieces in the set in different colors and sizes so I use them for various purposes. I recommend them to everyone!!👍

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